Worship with UsSunday Traditional Worship at 9 a.m. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first and third Sundays of each month and on Festival Sundays.
STUDY WITH USChristian study opportunities - children's Sunday School after the Readings during Sunday Services , September through May (Photo: Salem cross at night)
Pentecost 2020The Spirit came down at Pentecost
We Care for God’s WorldThe earth is the Lord's, and all that is in it.. Ps. 24:1


Donations to Salem Lutheran Church can now be made online. Donations can be made through a bank account or credit card. There is a minimal fee per transaction, (0.5% for bank account plus $0.25 or 2.4% for credit card transactions plus $0.25 on the gross donation). You have the choice to defray costs to the church by paying the fees, otherwise the church will pay these fees. To start donating, signup for an account and add your financial information. CLICK ON THE "DONATE ONLINE" LINK AT THE BOTTOM-CENTER OF THE PAGE TO DONATE!

Coming Events

Worship Service Start Time The current Worship service start time is 10:00am. The Church Council approved the stable yearlong start time of 10:00am. This time will continue until further notice.

Church Beautification Beginning June 17, 2024, a series of contractors will be working within the church narthex, sanctuary and adjacent areas to remediate, enlarge the altar area, replace flooring and generally spruce-up the Church. This endeavor is expected to last through early August. Your Church Council is investigating alternative scenarios to hold our weekly worship services. Be on alert for messages relaying the plan through emails, Sunday bulletins, telephone Pray Chain calls, or Sunday announcements as they become available.

Meet Pastor Betty Lou Deuchler

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Covid-19 Update

Salem has initiated the re-gathering of indoor worship services. See the re-gathering worship policies for the service. Re-evaluation of indoor services will be made on a week-by-week basis. Visit this website for updates concerning future services.
*See "Church News" to read a letter from Pastor Betty Lou concerning the COVID-19 Coronavirus, State, National, and World virus updates, and to view virtual worship services and inspirational music videos.

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