Pastor’s 2017 Lenten Message

Greetings Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

March 1, Ash Wednesday, brings us into the season of Lent. The word Lent actually means “spring”, although I do wonder about that in the Southern Hemisphere. Here in Maryland, even though March can bring interesting snow storms, we are on our way to warmer weather.

Lent brings us into that time of preparation for Easter, the time when we too pass from death to sin into life with our Lord Jesus Christ. In the earliest days of the church, those who had been preparing to enter into baptism would turn from facing west to facing east, the direction of the Easter sunrise, Christ’s resurrection.

It was a turning from a former unimportant and frivolous lifestyle to one dedicated to serving Christ.—a “metanoia” or repentance. It is not just feeling sorry for having done something wrong but a complete turning of one’s life around to face Christ.

Lent is not just giving up something like candy or coffee—but it is turning toward and affirming the joy of serving our Lord and following his example. Disciplines of fasting, study and special times of prayer and repentance all help us to turn our minds to Christ. But they are only a part—a step—toward turning ourselves totally toward Christ. We humans are forgetful and so easily distracted. We need the constant reminders of disciplines.

Lent is a time set aside to aid us. Let us rejoice in this opportunity to really focus on our Lord and all that he did and continues to do for us. Thanks be to God.

Blessings, Pastor Jeanne